Would you like to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter? Installing residential window film adds a protective layer to the windows thereby insulating your home.

Home Window Tinting is a must for improving the home's comfort and appearance. They are used for various purposes such as solar heat reduction, ultraviolet (UV) protection, heat insulation, safety, privacy and decoration.

During summer the residential window film helps to preventing the heat from the sun from entering the home, thus reducing the heat gain and providing cooling effect. Since the temperature in the room is more controlled, there is less need for air conditioners, fans, coolers or other cooling devices.

During winter the residential window film retain heat inside the house by preventing the heat from escaping. A good quality product may retain about 55 present of heat. Since the temperature inside the room is more controlled the usage of heating systems can be reduced.

In addition to solar heat reflection and heat retention, insulating window films reduce fading damage by blocking more than 90 present of the UV rays and some amount of visible light. Hence, fading of the room contents like window treatments, carpets, rugs, curtains, furniture, woodworks, artworks and other furnishings is reduced significantly. Home window tinting also reduce the glare on television and computer screens.

Consider home window tinting using the large range of decorative window films now available on the market as an alternative to the conventional window dressing such as curtains and blinds that will fade and be destroyed by the sun's harmful rays over time.

Available In:
• Reflective
• Non-Reflective
• Frost Film
• Shatterproof