Fully rimmed structure. No cable is used.

The steel is pre-galvanized which ensures you have a rust free structure which is free of any stains that one might encounter by using other forms of steel.

Using pre-galvanized steel gives a far smoother finish and also minimizes any wear caused by material rubbing on steel.

Adaptors are used which bolt together to form the shade port.
Using this system reduces the friction caused by hot dip galvanized steel.

Support poles: 76 x 2mm round pre-galvanized steel tube.
Top structure: 48 x 2mm round pre-galvanized steel tube.

Support poles are to be concreted into a 350mm square x 600mm deep holes.

S.A.B.S approved shadecloth as manufactured by Knittex / Alnet.

Thread used is polyfill glace 3 ply polyester with cotton center core.

Double stitching on all seams and pockets.

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